Ketamine Therapy PTSD

Ketamine Infusion Therapy for PTSD

PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs after significant trauma such as being in a war zone, abuse or rape. Any life threatening situation with great fear ,can imprint this trauma on an individual. They continue to suffer this stressful condition. Symptoms such as reliving the event, feeling hyper arousal (keyed up and on edge) as well as avoiding certain triggering situations as well as having many negative feelings. Its very difficult for those that suffer from PTSD. An alternate treatment is ketamine infusion therapy for PTSD

A new treatment is emerging using Ketamine infusion for PTSD.

Given in small doses by intravenous administration has been found in small scale studies to help PTSD. It is believed to work in an unusual fashion. What is believed is that by rerouting nerve endings this creates new synaptic connections. A synapse is how nerves communicate. Thus in the brain, these brain cells learn new ways to communicate breaking the old habits which produce PTSD. If true this may one way to change the brain.

One such study was a “proof of concept study” was carried out and the results of Ketamine infusion was associated with significant and rapid reduction in PTSD symptom severity, compared with midazolam, when assessed 24 hours after infusion (mean difference in Impact of Event Scale–Revised score, 12.7 [95% CI, 2.5-22.8]; P = .02).

However, it should be cautioned that not every patient will respond favorably and this certainly is not standard care for PTSD. One should have tried the traditional and more accepted approaches to PTSD treatment. One should also be working with a mental health professional before coming to our Ketamine Clinic.

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